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Who is Xalis

Our company

Xalis stands for Xavier and Liselot, our two passionate business managers who have been bitten by the cleaning of silos, tanks and other confined spaces since 1999. The company has 18 enthusiastic employees who are only too happy to carry out the most challenging projects. From silo cleaning to height work and operating impressive suction and blowing units, they get all hot and bothered. Xalis is of course VCA-certified and mainly active in mills, feed mills, breweries, the metal industry, chemicals, plastics industry, bakeries, transhipment, food companies and more.

Our mission

We want to help companies work as optimally as possible with their silos and in industrial environments. Silo cleaning, tank cleaning, work at (great) heights must be carried out in complete safety and with the necessary expertise, something Xalis stands for.

Our company Xalis
Liselot and Xavier Xalis

Our history 

Managing directors Liselot and Xavier founded Xalis in 1999. They specialised in cleaning silos, tanks and other confined spaces. Emptying silos using suction installations is also part of their expertise. The company grew steadily and now has 18 motivated employees who attend annual training courses to stay up-to-date and perform their work safely. Investing in our employees means investing in the future.

Our services

Besides industrial cleaning work, we also specialise in silo cleaning and work at height.

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