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Bin whip

Bin Drill

Discover our powerful bin drill, the solution for efficiently and safely removing stubborn material accumulations in your silos. Xalis is ready to supply and use this advanced technology to make your silo maintenance more efficient and safer, and optimise your business processes.

Efficiently removes stubborn silo blockages.

Tired of wasting time and resources fighting stubborn blockages in your silos? Let Xalis be your partner for the ultimate solution. With our advanced Bin Drill technology, we effortlessly break up stuck material in your silo, without the need to enter the silo itself. This not only results in improved efficiency and material flow, but also reduces risks and labour-intensive efforts.

With Xalis as your partner, your silos can be operated continuously and without interruption, leading to significant cost savings and increased productivity. The investment in this advanced technology quickly pays for itself, and we are ready to support you in implementing it in your silo installations. Choose Bin Drill and experience smooth, efficient operations, with Xalis as your reliable partner for silo clogging solutions."

Xalis bin drill

What we can do for you


Efficient Blockage Removal


Safety Priority


Minimum Downtime


Cost savings


Improved Material Flow


Increased Reliability:


Minor repairs to silos


Environmentally friendly


Specialist Expertise

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Besides industrial cleaning work, we also specialise in silo cleaning and work at height.

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