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Xalis, for your silo cleaning in complete safety

Safety first

Xalis has specialised in silo cleaning and all kinds of height work since 1999. From the very beginning, safety has always been our main concern. Our employees each hold a VCA certificate and our descent equipment is inspected every three months.

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Safety is key

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Our services

For years, we have specialised in silo cleaning. We always do so according to the necessary safety standards and with the right materials and products. From there, we have extended our services to all work at height, including the cleaning of factory roofs. We also have years of experience in cleaning flour mills, animal feed companies, concrete plants, breweries and many other industrial environments.

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Why choose Xalis?

Xalis stands for safety and quality. Our four teams of two employees each are always ready for all cleaning and working at height for feed, food or cement companies, breweries and so much more.

Safety and quality central

Specialised since 1999


Experience with numerous sectors

  • Silo cleaning
  • Cleaning works
  • Suction works
  • Heightworks

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