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Suction and blower units Xalis

Suction and blowing units

To transfer your products such as grains, granules, powders and more from your silo to another silo, silo truck, landfill or big bag, Xalis has three suction and blowing units available. With these, places from 3 to 30 tonnes per hour can be transferred!

Three dry vans available

A breakdown or human error in your silo? Or does your product simply need to be moved?

If so, Xalis has three dry goods trucks at its disposal that suck up dry substances such as flour, powders or granules with tremendous force from your silo and unload them elsewhere or repack them into a big bag for further transport.

dry vans
Suction and blower units Xalis

Our suction and blower units


1 vacuum sweeper up to 35 tonnes per hour


2 mobile suction units at up to 7 tonnes per hour


1 mobile dredger of up to 3 tonnes per hour to big bags, containers or bagged goods

Our services

Besides industrial cleaning work, we also specialise in silo cleaning and work at height.

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