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Being originally specialised in silo cleaning, cleaning work in industrial environments is in our blood. We know what the required procedures are and invest heavily in training our employees to act correctly and safely at all times.

From industrial halls to extraction pipes and repair work

We feel like a fish out of water in industrial environments and over the years have specialised in a variety of things, from cleaning works to repair works and even tearing down old machinery.

This can all be done at ground level and at height. We operate throughout Belgium and northern France. Ask for a no-obligation quote by phone or e-mail.

High-pressure cleaning
cleaning up Emergencies

What we can do for you


Cleaning of mixers, ventilation ducts or exhaust pipes


Replacing filters


Tearing down old machinery


Dry/wet cleaning of industrial halls


Cleaning windows at height


High-pressure cleaning of factory facades

Our services

Besides industrial cleaning work, we also specialise in silo cleaning and work at height.

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