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Our services

Our services

For all our services, we invest daily in the right materials, the appropriate equipment and, above all, in the training of our employees. They each hold a VCA certificate and are regularly trained to perform their work in complete safety. We are also available 24/7 and guarantee an answer or solution within two working days.


Silo cleaning

We have more than 20 years of experience in silo cleaning. Depending on the type of silo and the product, we offer the right cleaning solution.

Cleaning works

Cleaning mixers, replacing filters, cleaning ventilation ducts or exhaust pipes? We will be happy to come by to professionally clean your industrial environment.

Silo Whip

With the silo whip, we fix stubborn residues quickly and efficiently, without entering the silo.

suction and blower units

Xalis has three different suction and blowing units available to transfer three to 30 tonnes from a silo to a big bag, other silo, dump pit or silo truck.


We have the right equipment and certificates to perform all kinds of work at height. Our employees receive additional training for this very regularly.

Sil Drill

The solution for efficient and safe removal of stubborn material deposits in your silos


Our services

Besides industrial cleaning work, we also specialise in silo cleaning and work at height.

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