Silo Whip

Apr 10, 2023

Bin whip

A silo whip, also known as a whip check or a bin whip, is a device used to remove blockages in silos. It is a long flexible tool similar to a whip, and it is used to move and remove material in the silo. A silo whip is an essential tool for silo cleaning and can help prevent problems that could lead to dangerous situations.

Silos are often used to store bulk materials such as grains, seeds, flour, powders and liquids. Over time, material can accumulate in silos, leading to blockages and blockages. These blockages can be dangerous, as they can reduce the efficiency of the storage system and compromise the safety of workers. A silo whip is an effective means of preventing and removing blockages.

Using a silo whip is simple. The tool consists of a long flexible rod with a whip-like end. The end of the rod is attached to a motor, which drives the tool. The end of the whip is inserted into the silo and moves the material back and forth, removing blockages and allowing the material to flow freely.

A silo whip can be used for different types of silos, including flat bottom silos, conical silos and funnel-shaped silos. The tool can also be adapted to different sizes and shapes of silos. Moreover, a silo whip can be used for different types of materials, such as grain, seeds, flour, powders and liquids.


Prevent and remove blockages

There are several advantages to using a silo whip. First, the tool can be used to prevent and remove blockages. This can improve the efficiency of the storage system and increase productivity. In addition, using a silo whip can improve worker safety by preventing dangerous situations. For example, the tool can be used to remove blockages in funnel-shaped silos, reducing the risk of release of stored materials.

Using a silo whip can also lead to cost savings. By preventing and removing blockages, the life of silos can be extended. This can reduce maintenance costs and production losses due to blockages.



Specific knowledge and training

Using a silo whip requires specific knowledge and training to ensure worker safety. Xalis is aware of this and ensures that their employees have the right training and equipment to safely remove blockages.

Besides using the silo whip, Xalis also offers other services such as silo inspections, removal of dust and other material and cleaning of ventilation systems. The company aims to help their customers improve the efficiency of their storage systems and ensure the safety of their workers.

Xalis' customers include companies in the food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. These companies have high demands when it comes to the quality and safety of their storage systems, and Xalis understands this like no other.

specific knowledge and training